From the very start of our business we wanted to explore the possibility of manufacturing our own products . We had been looking at UK based centres of manufacturing and Stoke on Trent was an obvious place to start our exploration.

We had no contacts other than a tenuous connection to a model maker. So, we thought we’d pay him a visit and see if he would be able to point us in the direction of a willing potter. He sent us from terraced house to garage to sheds all over the city and eventually we were directed to a pottery where we discovered Tony residing in a part of what had once been a thriving pottery with its bottle kiln standing proud, an imposing emblem signifying Stoke on Trents sooty past.
Tony’s own expertise and experience gained at some of the largest pottery’s in Stoke On Trent highlighted our own huge knowledge gaps. So, surrounded by molds, models, kilns and over a cup of coffee he began to break down the various stages and process’s that each and every product must pass through from the design stage to finished product. Although Tony initially thought our project and ideas misguided he has been a generous guide and his direct and honest approach has been reassuring.




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