Reindeer Hide


These wonderful hides are lovely to lay over furniture, place on the floor or hang over the bannister. A great way to update a sofa or cover a classic arm chair. These hides are produced in Lapland by the Sámi people. Traditionally the Sámi were semi-nomadic reindeer herders travelling the fells of Norway, Sweden and Finland. The reindeer provided them with meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Modern reindeer hide is an eco-friendly and sustainable product. These skins are a by-product of a yearly cull that takes place to control numbers. They are not killed to sell. The thickness of the fur means they are less prone to shedding and the hollow hairs are fantastic for trapping heat. Each fur is unique with its own beautiful markings.

Size: Large 110-140cm in length 

No hide is the same. Each will vary in colour, markings and size. 
To clean the hide brush it through with a soft brush or vacuum on the lowest setting. Not to be machine-washed. We do not recommend that the hides be used for floors.

The hides can malt slightly if used for sitting on. They need to be shaken from time to time to eliminate broken hairs. Light malting is the nature of the beast.