Linen Grain Sack Cushions


We have repurposed these continental linen grain sacks by having bespoke feather cushions made to fit each individual sack. These sturdy but beautiful sacks were once used by farmers to store and transport grain. Some are decades old. The stripes on the sacks represent a different farmer, area or crop. 

Although second hand with signs of use from their previous agricultural incarnation, each sack has been washed and is fully in tact.  

These large cushions are perfect to use on a bed, a bench or the floor as casual seating. 


The listing gives the dimensions for each individual pillow as well as a description and picture of the stripe style and any unique insignia. If you are unsure of which size or style you would like to choose please contact us directly for further assistance. 

Those with a monogram on are all plain on one side unless otherwise stated. So one side is plain linen.