Hot Chocolate Bar - Vanilla


A new discovery for Freight whilst in Spain over the summer was this delicious bar of 'La taza' hot chocolate with a hint of vanilla. Instead of the powder we are so used to in the Uk this is a solid bar. With it you can create a tasty drink to sip your way through or you can produce a thick hot chocolate that your spoon can stand up in. This is the traditional Catalan way. 

We recommend one 25g square per person you are making it for if you want a classic drinking chocolate experience. Melt the cubes in a heatproof cup with a little boiling water just to get the melting process started. Then you can pour this mixture in to your milk of choice to produce your drink. Stir it well & as the milk heats the chocolate will melt in. 

For a thick chocolate you will need to use about four squares per person. This you normally have a smaller portion than with the long drink. 

This is also available in Cinammon - see separate listing (Green packaging) 

Made in Spain 
Weight: 200g