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Majani Scorza dark chocolate in a box


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Majani Cioccolata Scorza (called “Scorza” because it looks similar to a tree bark) was created in 1832. It was the first solid-shaped chocolate ever produced in Italy.
Majani chocolate masters passed on for generations the special processing that gives this product its unique consistency, thanks to a 4 different cocoa varieties blended together. 

Fantastic paired with a post dinner drink such as whiskey or rum. Or just enjoyed alone for it's wonderful flakey texture. 

Majani was born in 1796 as a small artisan shop in the heart of Bologna. Run by Teresa and her children Romualdo and Francesco Majani The “Laboratory of sweet things”  was an instant success, giving life to the important chocolate industry that we know today. For more than 220 years the company is now run by the seventh generation of the Majani Family continues today to make chocolate according to the traditional method starting from the raw cocoa seed.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 60% minimum 

Made in Italy