Wooden boards


These perfectly simple wooden boards are made by Hampson woods based in London. They use wood which has fallen from around the Uk & a large majority is from within London such as London plane trees which often come down or are professionally managed. 
The attention to detail & quality means this is a board which will last well & wear beautifully over time. The different grain in the wood is always different making each piece entirely unique. They vary greatly in colour & pattern which is part of the beauty of them. 

I have personally been using mine for over three years now & it still looks as elegant in this timeless style. In my household it gets used on a daily basis & it has withstood this use amazingly. 

Sizes: Size 1 - 350 x 120 x 17mm
           Size 2 - 400 x 160 x 17mm
           Size 3 - 475 x 115 x 17mm
           Size 4 - 440 x 200 x 17mm
           Size 5 - 505 x 190 x 17mm
           Size 6 - 560 x 180 x 17mm
           Platter - 670 x 305 x 17mm

Care: Do not put in to the dishwasher 
          To keep your board gleaming you can use a food safe oil on it once in a                           while to feed the wood 

Made by Hampson Woods