At Freight, we understand the importance of sustainability and taking care of our people and planet. As a physical goods store, we want our customers to understand that our goods are designed to last and be used time and time again.

Two thirds of our products are manufactured in the UK, including Sussex, Oxfordshire, and Shetland. By using UK-based manufactures we reduce the amount of unnecessary shipping which contributes to reducing our Carbon Footprint. The items that come from further afield are sourced from Europe to minimise the impact of shipping. We seek provenance and information of the furthest possible starting point for all our goods; ensuring we know the full journey of how our products get to us. In addition, we seek to use undyed materials and yarns for our products where possible as this reduces the amount of water required to produce those items.

We wrap every parcel with care, nice tissue paper, and packing materials. All our online orders are shipped in re-used boxes and packing materials unless otherwise specified. We have ensured that all our suppliers are now packaging our products with cellulose packets and corn chips. We have created a circular economy for our supplier packaging by returning our used packing materials back to our potter for them to reuse; this is particularly useful for minimising the waste caused by bubble wrap which is sometimes needed to protect our more fragile items.

On site our waste production is entirely minimal, producing less than half a bin bag of waste per week. We have strict recycling policies for paper, card, glass and plastic waste that is produced, in addition to composting our coffee and food waste on site.

We encourage and provide all amenities for our team to commute to work on bicycles or by walking. We do not fly for work and we only visit our manufacturers bi-annually to ensure that we are not expanding our carbon footprint unnecessarily.


At Freight we are continuing to work on our sustainability efforts in every aspect of the business and look forward to sharing our progress with our customers.