Meet the Team

The Freight HHG team

The Team

At Freight we value the team that we work with. They are not just part of the shop environment they are part of the entire brand; they help to keep all of the cogs turning. There are so many parts to this brand, it is multi faceted and pushes the boundaries of retail! The team are the most important part. So we wanted to introduce you to them all.


Adele Adamczewski (she/her) 

Creative Director  

Adele is passionate about sea swims, good design, food and travel. An interesting fact about Adele is that she sailed from Brighton to St Lucia.  Adele’s hidden talent is being able to know what is going on around her without having to be informed. She finds a way to read the environment and the room with little information. Just observing and silently listening! Adele can also do a backflip until she has had a few too many drinks. People would describe Adele as intuitive, thoughtful and determined. Adele’s guilty pleasure is ignoring a ringing telephone. 

Olga (she/her) 

Shop Manager 

Olga is passionate about history, politics and the environment.  An interesting fact about Olga is that she lived and worked in the former Yugoslavia for over a decade. Olga's hidden talents include writing, editing, researching and interviewing. People would describe Olga as determined, smart and caring. Olga’s guilty pleasure is pasta! 



Helene (she/her)

Director, Editor and general factotum

She is passionate about the quality of goods and quality of service. She is matriarchal by nature so her passions run across the board of Music; especially Opera. Food both the eating, the cooking and sharing of it. Debate! A fact about me "I’m not as scary as people imagine me to be!" Her magic power is that she can make something out of nothing be it food or an interior. Her reply to this question was - If this is public I don’t think I could list what people would say about me on here! Her guilty pleasure is a morning coffee with a generous slosh of cognac


Amelia (she/her)


Amelia is passionate about making things, often with textiles or paper but steel and timber make an appearance too. She loves to swim in the sea but only once has that been alongside hammerhead sharks. A hidden talent is her skill of measuring up furniture and spaces by eye. People would describe Amelia as calm, curious, and creative. Her guilty pleasure is listening to true crime podcasts.