THE  S I M P L E   E V E R Y D A Y  R I T U A L S  O F  H O M E  

Established in 2014 by Adele & Helene Adamczewski, Freight HHG is a brand that’s more about conscious living than self-conscious design.  

 We collaborate with makers to create timeless household goods that are passed from maker to home, from place to place. We have forged long standing relationships with our makers, from our potter in Stoke-on-Trent to historic mills in Lancashire.  

Our designs are based on items that 
we use daily, practical goods that carry a story from origination through to final function. There are no direct nods to trends or fashion. We seek out the most sustainable route for our production, working with British suppliers and manufacturers.  

Our beautifully crafted objects are classic, durable and intentionally functional; made to last and wear even better. Freight isn’t about minimalism but discernment. This modest range is designed to be used every day.  

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