Ebony Carbon Steel Knife


This traditional Spanish chef's knife is made with a carbon steel blade for sharpness and longevity. The smooth, black handle is made of ebony, a dense hardwood known for its fine-grained texture and durability. Naturally moisture resistant due to its tight grain ebony is a hygienic wood that won't warp or crack. 

The manufacturer of this knife uses the same artisanal techniques established by the company's founders in 1917 maintaining the original quality. All knives are sharpened by hand at the end of the process. 


13cm (blade)


Carbon steel blade
Ebony handle

We also stock this knife with a boxwood handle (see separate listing). 


Wash by hand, never in the dishwasher.

It is advised with carbon steel that you dry it after washing to prevent a patina forming on the steel. However with wear this will appear and only adds to the character of the knife. The main benefit to carbon steel is that it is easier to hone the blade and maintain an extremely sharp edge. 

To maintain the sheen of the ebony handle you can oil the wood when it starts to dull.