Classic Spanish Hot Chocolate Bar with Cinnamon


A new product added to the Freight pantry collection. Discovered whilst in Spain over the summer we knew this would make a great new addition for those of you who love a quality hot chocolate. This is a generous sized solid bar with the option of either Classic Vanilla, Chilli, or Cinnamon. 

This can be served in the traditional Spanish style as thick as a spread, where your spoon can stand up in the mixture unaided. Or made in the more classic way with a higher content of milk or liquid of choice to create a luxurious drink. 


The Catalan instructions inside the packaging read as:
A 300g bar makes approximately 1 litre of hot chocolate, depending on how thick you like to make it.
1. Break up the chocolate with a grater or knife (whole squares will take longer to melt)
2. Mix with water, milk or even cream! 
3. Warm the mixture on low heat and stir continuously.
4. When it starts to boil, remove from the heat immediately.
5. Continue to stir for another two or three minutes.


Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Bars - 350g 
35% Cocoa 
Made in Spain