Giant Matchbox - Limited Edition Design


Candlesticks Design - The Simple everyday rituals of Home. The Freight strap-line. 

This is our sixth limited edition box of matches designed by Tom Frost exclusively for Freight HHG. We print one run and once they're gone they're gone! 

This design includes motifs inspired by Freight's own designs, in particular our stunning pewter candlesticks. "The Simple Everyday Rituals of Home" are the words that drive our design process. Each and every piece that we create is designed to be used again and again and become part of those everyday rituals that every home has.

The reverse of the box shows our Lewes shop front, a beautiful old building which was once the town chemist hence the lovely stained-glass window motifs of laboratory bottles. 

Box Size: 11 x 11 x 2.5cm 
Match size: 9.5cm
Red tip matches

Please keep matches out of reach of children at all times.