Cushions made from Vintage Japanese Fabric


Totally unique cushions made using vintage Japanese fabric. Each material is different with a wonderful mix of blue or indigo tones as well as line widths, check variations and textures. Some we believe also have silk woven into the fabric from the way it feels and looks. They are truly individual. 

The covers have been made with a very fine white zip so that they can be removed and washed when required. This we felt was the simplest and least visually invasive way to make them. Letting the material stand out. 


Large Rectangle - 60 x 40cm
Medium Rectangle - 35 x 45cm 
Large Square - 43 x 43cm 
Bolster - 20 x 45cm


Each fabric is unique so we have assigned each one a number. For example, if you choose a Nº 5 large rectangle and a Nº5 bolster they will be matching fabric. 


Made in England 
UK made duck feather and down filling. 
Vintage Japanese fabric - 100% Cotton 


All the material has been washed on a short cold cycle so we would advise washing in a similar way with gentle detergent to prevent colour run.