Linen Grain Sack Cushions


We have been utilising these wonderful old linen grain sacks to make long cushions for years now. They make the most fantastic versatile cushions for both indoor and outdoor use. Hard wearing and made from beautifully worn but tough linen that has come to be used in a new guise. Previously used for transporting grain from different farms to be milled. 

Each piece is unique and the dimensions all vary as well as different line colours, thicknesses and lettering. Some of the sacks have the monograms on. Those with monograms will only have the letters on one side of the pad. These details represented the families from which the grain was being taken to ensure it was returned to the correct people. 

If you are looking for a particular length cushion you can always email us and we can let you know if we have anything in particular that might work. 

100% Linen 

Duck feather and down made in England 

See drop down menu for size details of each individual cushion