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A super-hydrating, illuminating face mist that revives tired, stressed skin. Giving an instant boost and sheen to even the most lack lustre complexion.

Amly's revitalising face mist containing silver-rich spring water blended with organic flowers, hedgerow fruit, native British herbs and exquisite essential oils. The deeply hydrating mist is strengthened with moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid, skin-perfecting Copper Peptides and nourishing plant Probiotics.

The uplifting scent will leave your senses fully awakened and your skin enlivened.


Close your eyes and spray liberally on to face and neck. Breathe deeply to allow the aromatic oils to envelop and stimulate the senses, then enjoy radiant-looking skin. Spritz regularly to feed your face nutrients throughout the day. Due to the high concentration of essential oils, shake well before each use to mix them together again.


100ml in a glass bottle