Soap dish


A three part design soap dish. This has been a long time in the designing and the making. It may seem so simple and obvious but when you get down to the nitty gritty of designing such a mundane object you would be surprised how long and how much detail you can get down to. So here you have it, our long awaited soap dish design. One that you can use as just a flat simple plate on a wet drainer style surface, or if you need a dish to catch the drips there's a perfectly fitting bowl which works alongside the flat part. 

There is the choice to use the dish part on either sides. One side creates a rim to catch the soap if it were on a slant. Or the flat side can be used to create a raised platform where the water can drain from beneath. Oh so many choices. This is why a soap dish can take so long to contrive! 

The dish and bowl are both made in unglazed stoneware so that the slightly rough texture creates some friction to prevent the soap from sliding around. The bowl part has been created so that the soap sits proud of any excess water that gathers in the base of it. Which means the soap doesn't wallow in water and waste away. I promise that's all the detail. 

Made in Stoke on Trent 

Size - Top - 172mm
           Base - Widest at top - 150mm 
           Base size - 95mm 
           Height - 35mm 

The price is for the full set of one bowl and one dish 

Material - Unglazed Stoneware or Unglazed bone china