Wooden Boards


These perfectly simple wooden boards are made by Hampson Woods based in London. They source wood from arborists who specialise in clearing fallen trees from around the UK, much of it from within London such as the city's giant plane trees. 
The quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail mean these boards wear beautifully with use and last a lifetime, or more. They vary greatly in colour and pattern as the grain of the wood is always different. This makes each piece entirely unique.

Sizes:  Size 1    350 x 120  x 17mm
            Size 2    400 x 160  x 17mm
            Size 3    475 x 115   x 17mm
            Size 4    440 x 200  x 17mm
            Size 5    505 x 190  x 17mm
            Size 6    560 x 180  x 17mm
            Platter   670 x 305  x 17mm

Care: Do not put in the dishwasher. To keep your board gleaming you can use a food safe oil on it once in a while to feed the wood.

Made by Hampson Woods