FOOD         |           SEASONAL SOURCING

May 01, 2015

Both of us have always been keen on food and cooking. We often find ourselves exploring places further in pursuit of a new food experience. Sometimes routes are planned with a place in mind to ensure we pass by to sample the local offerings. However more often than not it’s a snack on the go. When it comes to sourcing food to the shop we always look to discover the best possible tastes and makers we can. Items which are not available readily on the supermarket shelves. When we find products which are too good to resist we want to share with our customers.

One of the hunts we went on and which took longer than expected was to find a top quality Italian bakery to source Panettones and Pandoros at Christmas and Colombas for Easter.

After visiting the Fine Food Fair at Olympia we realised we were going to have to ‘off road’ if we were to find a really good quality product which was not made with the mass market in mind.

The difficulty with such goods is they are not baked until one month prior to delivery and season so there is no way of tasting or sampling the produce. We had to rely on research and provenenace to be sure that we were going to be provided with a fantastic end product. Thank fully the hard work paid off and we now have a strong relationship built up with a wonderfully traditional bakery in Verona who make just small batches for the seasons. They have been established for over 130 years since 1891 when the first recipes were practised and still stand to this day. Three brothers of the origional family continue the tradition of hand baked, high quality produce using the best ingredients available.

We will continue to source new produce to add to our Food range so keep checking in to see what’s new.