Vertical mill visit

August 22, 2019

In February we took a trip up North to visit a number of new manufacturers. One of which was a mill in the Yorkshire Pennines, it has been established since 1863 and now has the fifth family generation running it. This is one of the last existing vertical Mills in the Uk. They specialise in producing some of the highest quality woollen cloth available on the market. Working where possible with British wools and taking stock from further afield for the softer requirements such as cashmere and merino. 

This was one of the most fascinating factory visits we have done in the years since starting the business. It was amazing to see the entire production process of wool cloth from the delivery of bales of raw untreated wool to seeing the final material being trimmed off the looms. The process was fascinating from start to finish and gave us an immense respect for just how much handling and how many technical stages it goes through to come out with the finished goods. We learnt so much more by experiencing it first hand and being guided around the mill by the amazingly knowledgable team. 

Here are some photos we took of the process from start to finish on our visit. 

We are now having our own cloth made here to use for both domestic purposes and also apparel. Our blankets are being made using entirely British wool which is produced just a few miles up a large hill from the mill. 

The wool in its raw state delivered to the mill for production in to yarn