Liquor filled luxury chocolates


Historic handmade chocolates filled with a delicate smooth alcohol laced chocolate filling and covered with the finest dark chocolate, offering moments of pure pleasure. There is the choice of rum, grappa, amaretto or Lemoncello filled chocolates. 

Faithful to the great Piemontese tradition, Boella & Sorriso has been making premium chocolate in Turin since 1939. All products are handmade in the company's state-of-the-art workshop from high quality ingredients including the all-important local IGP hazelnuts. Their exquisitely decorated chocolate bars include single origins, Cialdine chocolate discs, tartufi chocolate truffles, Cremini creamy-layered chocolates and of course the unmistakable gianduiotti. It was love at first sight (and bite) for us and we are sure you too will be swiftly conquered. 

Bag -  200g 

Flavour options - 
Rum (Dark blue) 
Grappa (Azure blue) 
Amaretto (Pale blue) 
Lemoncello (Yellow) 

Made in Itlay 

All of these chocolates contain alcohol 

Making way for new things! These chocolates are now only £10 (reduced from £12.50).