Stoneware Tea Bowl


A simple, fluted stoneware tea bowl which we designed as a bespoke piece and have manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent. One of our customers requested the same form as our breakfast cup but without a handle as he liked to drink his tea from a chawan or bol à thé. We like to listen to our customers and take on their requests if we can. The tea bowl became part of the permanent collection in 2014. 

The stoneware tea bowls have an unglazed, biscuit exterior and a matt glazed interior. We asked our potter to produce a sample of this style for us to test run and can confirm that the unglazed exterior of the cup makes for a lovely tactile finish.

It can also be used as a small serving bowl, for desserts, or as a matching sugar bowl to go with your cups. 

The biscuit stoneware looks elegant alongside our bone china and basalt items. 


Height       6.8cm
Diameter   11cm 


Stoneware - Unglazed externally / Glazed internally 


Dishwasher Proof