Sycamore wood bowls


These stunning bowls are made by Matt Hall, a Hove based wood turner. 

He took wood turning up as a hobby to enjoy outside of his day job. I think he was quite taken aback by the amazing outcome of his new practice. We fell instantly for these incredible one off pieces when Matt got in contact. Each bowl is unique. The grain of the wood, the proportions, knots, small splits that appear as the bowl takes its final form. They are all wonderfully sculptural and work as stand alone structures as well as practical house hold objects. 

No two pieces are the same. These are unique items made using pieces of predominantly native species sourced from fallen trees, saw mills, wood yards, and other sustainable sources. Matt works with a number of woods including Spalted beech, ash, sycamore, oak and other species as available. Each brings its own unique incredible texture and appeal, the light catching the grain at different angles is often striking. 

These two large bowls are incredibly constructed. The plain bowl is more even in proportion where as the charred bowl has warped more during the charring process. The heat and flame applied to the wood contorts the shape and makes more of a helical form. Warping the edges and altering it's grain to really stand out. 

These are one off pieces once they are sold they are not repeated. 

Made in Sussex