Unisex Cable Knit Wool Cashmere Mix Jumper


A Freight classic which has been in the knitwear range for a number of years, now elevated wit the addition of this wonderful cashmere wool yarn mix. 

This yarn was discovered when Adele was looking for a lovely British yarn to make a jumper to wear to her wedding. This cashmere and wool mix is one of the softest yarns we have come across still utilising the amazing yarn available to us here in the Uk. It wears very well with very little bobbling occurring which is something we always strive for in the materials we use. Durability. 

These jumpers are made for everyone they are not gender specific. They are for all. Sizes - S / M / L & XL 

Colours - Navy & Cream

Materials - 95% Lambswool 5% Cashmere 

Care - We advise washing these jumpers by hand as per the instructions in the care label on the garment. However if you are trusting of your washing machines wool wash and have used with confidence before then it could also be washed this way. We cannot take responsibility for shrinkages if that were to occur.