Fisherman Knit Scarf in Cashmere and Lambswool


A fisherman knit scarf with a 5% cashmere and 95% British lambswool blend. Perfect to wrap up with on these colder days. It's not too wide so it can be wrapped around and stuffed into a coat or a jacket without feeling too bulky. Or worn more relaxed as a once round option as per the photo of Jimmy. 

We like to wear ours tied in a knot which sits perfectly around the collar of a coat or jacket and keeps the cold air out. 

Made in England 


Moss Green 


34 x 180cm 


5% Cashmere and 95% Lambswool 


Wash by hand or machine wash only on a trusted wool wash setting. Dry flat.


Fisherman Knit Scarf - Lambswool
Fisherman Knit Scarf - Lambswool & Cashmere
Plain Knit Scarf - Lambswool
Plain Knit Scarf - Lambswool & Cashmere
Moss Stitch Scarf - Lambswool
Moss Stitch Scarf - Lambswool & Cashmere