Unisex protective face serum that boosts skin’s resilience to pollution, with detoxifying Echinacea. We all use this on the team and have found one of the nicest ways to introduce this to your daily skincare routine is to mix the city screen serum in with a CC cream or tinted moisturiser / foundation. It glides on and provides the most wonderful barrier to the days exposure. Giving you a glowing and slick complexion. 

Champion active Echinacea prolongs the youth of skin cells and heightens the skin’s resilience to environmental pollution, detoxifying, balancing and strengthening as it goes. Urban stress melts away as the skin feeds on anti-oxidants Gotu Kola and Green Tea, which work with collagen-boosting Marine compounds and hydration-enhancing Squalane. Purifying Niaouli and reviving White Willow help purge cells of impurities to pave the way for a dewy, wholesome countenance. An antidote to urban grime, this daily defence leaves your skin clear, cushioned and looking healthy. Complexion protection.

Apply gently after cleansing to face and neck using upward motions. For maximum detoxifying and skin-protecting effect, use after Amly Digital Detox Face Mist. 

Size -  30ml/1.01fl oz glass bottle