White Dinner Candles


Elegant white candles made using the purest paraffin to ensure they do not release any black smoke, drip or burn unevenly.

Made in England by the same producer as our beeswax candles. 

The candles come in attached pairs and prices listed are for the pair (except for the smaller tree candles which come as a set of five pairs).

Our candleholders (pictured, see separate listing) are well suited to the candle size 'Standard'. With some gentle encouragement the 'Freight Special' and 'Long' and 'Extra Long' candles also work well, though the base may need to be softened or shaved down slightly.

The smallest size 'Tree Candles' are suitable for our tree clips (see separate listing). 


Standard             22cm
Freight Special   29cm 
Long                    36cm
Extra long           45cm
Giant                   36cm (wide base 3cm)
Tree candles      11cm