Men's Roll Neck Cashmere Mix Jumper



The added luxury of just a small percentage of cashmere elevates this classic jumper to an other level of softness. There really is nothing like the finish of these lambswool and cashmere mix plain knit jumpers. A classic neck line which doesn't sit tight against the skin but still allows space to keep warmth in. It can either be rolled down or kept tall for extra draft protection. A small side slit has been added on the sides to avoid that bagging you often get with woollen jumpers. Allowing it to hang nicely over different layers. 


95% British Lambswool 
5% Cashmere 
Made in England


Extra Large 




Washing instructions - For the best results and best longevity it is advised to wash these jumpers by hand using a wool friendly soap. If you have a wool wash setting on your machine that you trust and have used on Lambswool before then this is also an option. Dry flat.

Washing tip - it's best after washing the jumper to lay it on to a towel and roll the towel up to soak up the excess moisture. This will allow the item to dry quicker and also prevent any stretching occurring due to the weight of the water. 

Both models are wearing a size M and are 6ft 3"