Spicy chilli and olive tapenades


The delicious Green Olive & Chilli tapenade, and the Peperoncino Chilli tapenade are both made in the foothills of the Alps. One using Ligurian olives and the best olive oil with a good kick of chilli, and the other is a classic peperoncino. They are all beautifully simple with endless culinary applications and most importantly utterly delicious. 

Both of them can be used as a sauce to work through pasta, roasted vegetables or served alongside meat. They are also delicious with toasted or fresh bread as a snack or simple starter.  We like to eat the peperoncino on hard boiled eggs. 


Tapenades: 190g or 1kg 


Green Olive and Chilli 
Peperoncino Chilli 

All contain olive oil and chilli 
Made in Italy