Santa Maria Portuguese Extra virgin Olive Oil tins


At Freight we are always looking for new leads on good quality Olive oil from Europe. It's a product we use daily and wanted to find a reliable source that we could import directly from source. This brand is particularly lovely. Tried and tested we can assure you this is a top quality olive oil. 

Santa Maria Olive oil is the representation of an olive press that preserves all of the fruit’s flavour, aroma, vitamins and properties. This olive oil is characterised by its lightness and freshness, perfect for more delicate palates. Described as being light, fresh and delicate. This oil is obtained exclusively by pressing fresh olives of superior quality. No solvents or other chemical agents are used for extraction or preservation. 

In 1911, along with his brothers Manuel da Silva Torrado established the company Manuel da Silva Torrado & Cª. 

Aware of the quality and refinement of his region’s olive oils, Manuel da Silva Torrado decided to take this delicacy to Lisbon. It was a success! As the market grew, a more rigorous selection was made from olive groves in the region to ensure his olive oil was always the best.

The need arose to find not only an olive oil of great quality, but also packaging that ensured the olive oil reached the consumer with all of its virtues and attributes intact. Therefore, the tin packaging was created to preserve and protect all of the olive oil’s properties. Providing us with these beautiful traditional tins that make them the perfect gift idea for someone who loves to cook or to eat! 


1 Litre 


Produced in Portugal


Triunfo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tins